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 Rules of Ultimate Medieval RPG

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Quote :
Rules of Ultimate Medieval RPG


Each player is responsible for his or her posts and for all content in those posts, whether verbal or graphic, including avatars and banners. Posts by NPCs are deemed to be made by the player who created the NPC. The following rules are meant to help everyone in this role play environment. Remember that if you think that something may be wrong, it probably is, and you should check the rules.

Again, the most important thing to keep in mind is that this is a game - it is supposed to be fun. When it stops being fun for you or for someone else, it is time to step back and to consider whether you are staying within the limits of these rules.

All violations of forum rules are subject to punishment, in accordance with forum violations protocol.

Rule 1: Language

The official language of this board is English, and all posts, PMs, drafts, etc. shall be written in English. If another language is used for role-play purposes, it will be minimal, and an accurate translation must be provided within the post and easily found. The only exception is that banners and avatars may display foreign phrases (as long as they coincide with the Forum Rules) without the need of a translation, although players must provide accurate translations upon request.


    1. This rule applies to all content present on the forum.

Rule 2: Proper Post Placement

Posts must be appropriate to the forums in which they are posted. With a few exceptions, all posts must be made in character. Posting inappropriately after being warned either by private message or forum posting will be considered violation of this rule. All areas other than designated off-topic areas and the Chatbox are roleplay forums. Any posts containing unlabelled out of character content will be moved out of sight.


    1. Threads that do not fit the requirements of an area will be moved by the moderators to the appropriate forum. Duplicate topics, posts, PMs, etc. are forbidden.

Rule 3: Flaming, Harassment and Baiting

Passionate and emotional Role Play can be the most interesting and exciting. Real people with real feelings exist behind the characters, however, and, therefore, there is a limit to what is allowed. Rule 3 defines what will be considered as excessive and actionable roleplay and out of character postings. This rule applies to all posts made on Ultimate Medieval RPG.

    1. Role play that reaches an excessive degree of harassment, insults, slander, flaming and/or vulgar language will be considered a violation of Rule 3.1.
    2. Insults that are written in Role Play that are deemde to be directed toward a player, rather than their character, will be considered a violation of Rule 3.2.
    3. Out of character insults, flames and harassment will not be tolerated, and will be considered a violation of Rule 3.3.


    1. Flaming is defined as (but not limited to): Any material that is deliberately hostile, insulting, inflammatory, vulgar or socially charged for the purpose of inciting anger or altering another player's out of character reputation and/or integrity.
    2. Harassment is defined as (but not limited to): Following a player character from thread to thread insulting them, instead of contributing to the thread; bringing up the same topic or argument within the same thread or across different threads whether or not it is related to the thread topic; continuing to post insulting responses once being notified that the posts are a violation; making claims of fact relating to past actions that are not verifiable.
    3. Baiting is designed as (but not limited to): Any material that is deemed to have the sole purpose of inciting a negative response from another player.
    4. Violations of Rule 3, 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 will be weighed on the basis of both content and any established history between the posters.

Rule 4: Inappropriate Content

You are responsible for anything you post. All content is subject to the forum rules. Even if you did not write your post, you are the one who will be edited and/or sanctioned if the material violates forum rules.

    1. You may not post, in any way the content of communications (Private Messages, Mail, E-Mail, etc..) without permission from all of those who are involved.
      1.1. You are still required to ask a staff member before hand. The content may be censored to prevent violation of other forum rules.

    2. No one may post real life information about themselves if they are under the age of 18.
    3. Posting content from private staff forums is prohibited.


    1.Anyone who posts content of communications is responsible of proving that they have consent of all those who are involved to post said communication.
    2. Posting on behalf of a banned player will be considered a violation of the rules.

Rule 5: Offensive Content

Rule 6: Solicitation

Items of a commercial nature or soliciting for any commercial or charitable organization may not be posted in any form. Items found in violation of this rule will be removed immediately without consent from the poster, and the poster will be subject to a warning.

Rule 7: Spam

Spam is not acceptable. Some types of spam include: opening up multiple topics on the same theme either in the same forum or over multiple forums, posting several times in a row, posting comments that have no relevance to the thread topic, or resurrecting a dead thread without an acceptable reason. The only exception is an RP event announcement that is role-played.

Appeal/Complaint Hierarchy

All players are expected to handle complaints regarding OOC matters via appropriate non-public channels. All players must follow the chain of command when dealing with complaints regarding our rules and policies. This is to ensure that all players receive a fair and equal process without discrimination. If you feel that a player has broke any rule or policy, you should follow the below steps. You should not proceed to the next step until you have made every effort to utilize the previous step(s).


Forum Moderator > Category Moderator > Global Moderator > Administrator > Head Administrator

It is imperative that all players understand that there could be up to 48-Hours from original contact that a response is given as well as the fact that punishment of a person is not discussed with the person making a complaint. Players who are notified of punishment may also appeal.


    1. If the complaint is about a Forum Moderator, start with a Category Moderator. If the complaint is about a Category Moderator, start with a Global Moderator, etc..
    2. Posting complaints about other players or accusing them of forum rule violations may be judged as harassment. Follow the Appeal/Complaint Hierarchy!

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Rules of Ultimate Medieval RPG
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